Dr. Aimee Vaughn, LPCC-S

I hold a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision and am a licensed clinical counselor in the states of Kentucky and Tennessee.  I am trained in counseling, performance enhancement/ performance psychology, health and wellness, and leadership development.  Being experienced in many areas allows me to provide comprehensive treatment plans for my clients to address all important areas of their lives. I have a great deal of experience treating anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use, and couples issues. My specialty area lies in working with identity issues and life transitions. 

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While I work from a mostly cognitive behavioral framework, which basically means that the beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world impact how we feel and what we do. If we can learn to think better, we will feel and do better. I also recognize that each person is unique in experience and preference, so I am flexible in how I will work with you. I think the counseling relationship is most effective when it is collaborative and we work together to identify and resolve problems. 

Counseling requires a deep level of trust and that is why I think it is as important for me as a therapist to be authentically myself in the same way I ask you to be. You will work with a person who keeps it real, has a sense of humor, and is truly passionate about helping.  I will unconditionally accept and support you while challenging you to do things that are hard because your goals and success are important to me. 

 – Dr. Aimee Vaughn, LPCC-S